Geographic Areas

Please Note: Geographic Distribution are for students entering into a History Program (Specialist or Major) in 2021-2022 and onward.

History courses are grouped into three geographic areas as outlined below. Specialist and Majors are required to choose courses from each of the three divisions to fulfill geographic breadth requirements. In order to help students with planning their programs, courses have been listed according to their divisions.

Geographic Area a): Africa, Asia, Middle East

Course Code Course Title
AFR290H1 The Idea of Africa
AFR370H1 Anticolonialism, Radicalism and Revolutions in Africa
HIS295Y1 History of Africa
HIS297Y1 History of Africa from a Gender Perspective
HIS319H1 Histories of the Horn of Africa
HIS322H1 Topics in African History
HIS342H1 Political and Psychological Liberation in 20th Century Africa
HIS352H1 A History of Women in Pre-colonial East Africa
HIS383Y1 Women in African History
HIS394H1 20th and 21st Century African Icons: Media and Biography
HIS450H1 Senior Seminar in African Histories
HIS481H1 Elite Women, Power, and Modernity in Twentieth-Century Africa
HIS483H1 Space and Power in Modern Africa
HIS486H1 Writing and Masculinity in Africa
Course Code Course Title
HIS280Y1 History of China
HIS282Y1 History of South Asia
HIS283Y1 History of Southeast Asia: How the Lands Below the Winds Reshaped the World
HIS315H1 Decolonial Vietnamese Histories
HIS316H1 Competing Colonialism in Northeast China The Harbin Experiment
HIS326H1 Topics in Asian Histories
HIS328H1 Modern China
HIS333H1 Catholic Asia in the Early Modern Era, 1500-1800
HIS346H1 Rice, Sugar and Spice in Southeast Asia: A History of Food in the Region
HIS379H1 Vietnam at War
HIS382H1 China from the Mongols to the Last Emperor
JHA384H1 Japan in the World, mid-16th to mid-20th Century
HIS385H1 or Y0 The History of Hong Kong
JHA394H1 The Asia Pacific War
HIS400H1 The American War in Vietnam
HIS467H1 French Colonial Indochina : History, Culture, Texts, Film
HIS470H1 History, Rights and Difference in South Asia
HIS473H1 The United States and Asia Since 1945
HIS480H1 Modernity and Its Others: History and Postcolonial Critique
HIS485H1 Topics in Chinese History
HIS494H1 Gandhi’s Global Conversations
Course Code Course Title
HIS208Y1 (0.5) History of the Jewish People
HIS304H1 Topics in Middle East History
HIS339H1 History of Modern Israel
HIS354H1 Jews of Arab Lands: From the Prophet Muhammad to European Colonialism
HIS370H1 Modern Palestine
HIS402H1 Sephardim: The Jews of Spain and their Diasporas
JHM307H1 Islamic Legal History: Formation and Encounters
JMH385H1 Islamic Law and the Modern State
NMC372H1 Islam and Muslims in the Balkans
NMC386H1 Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Ottoman Empire

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Geographic Area b): Canada/United States/Latin America/The Caribbean

Course Code Course Title
HIS264H1 Critical Issues in Canadian History
HIS265Y1 Black Canadian History
HIS266H1 Asian Canadian History
HIS300H1 Energy and Environment in Canadian History
HIS307H1 Oral Histories of Asian Canadians
HIS310H1 Democracy and Dissent in Postwar Canada
HIS311H1 Canada in the World
HIS312H1 Immigration to Canada
HIS314H1 Twentieth-Century Quebec
HIS318H1 Histories of the "Wild" West
HIS335H1 Canadian Legal Histories
HIS356H1 War in Canadian History
HIS358H1 Canadian History in 100 Objects
HIS360H1 Critical Histories of the Black Canadian Experience
HIS363H1 Dynamics of Gender in Canadian History
HIS365H1 History of the Great Lakes Region
HIS371H1 Canadian Political History
HIS380H1 Chinese Canadian History
HIS402H1 Canada and Decolonization
HIS405Y1 Canadian Foreign Relations
HIS410H1 Spectacles, Crowds, and Parades in Canada
HIS417H1 History of Sex Work
HIS418H1 Themes in Canadian Environmental History
HIS419H1 Canada By Treaty: Alliances, Title Transfers and Land Claims
HIS429H1 Canada and Empire in the Twentieth Century
HIS435H1 Themes in Toronto History
HIS453H1 Slavery in North America
HIS466H1 Senior Seminar in Canadian History
HIS468H1 Commemorations and Public History in Canada, 1800-2000
HIS469H1 Upper Canada: Creating a Settler Society, 1790s-1860s
HIS472H1 Indigenous-Newcomer Relations in Canadian History
HIS484H1 The Car in North American History
HIS492H1 Empire & Colonization in the French Atlantic World
JIH366H1 Indigenous Histories of the Great Lakes, 1815 to the Present (formerly HIS366H1)
JIH369H1 Great Lakes Indigenous Histories to 1830 (formerly HIS369H1)
JIH460H1 Indigenous Histories of North America
Course Code Course Title
HIS221H1 African American History to 1865
HIS222H1 African American History from 1865 to the Present
HIS271Y1 American History Since 1607
HIS305H1 Death and Life in Plantation America
HIS318H1 Histories of the "Wild" West
HIS362H1 Topics in Early American History
HIS365H1 History of the Great Lakes Region
HIS372H1 Topics in U.S. History
HIS374H1 Mass Incarceration in the United States
HIS376H1 The United States: Now and Then
HIS377H1 U.S.A. in the World
HIS378H1 America in the 1960s
HIS396H1 The Progressive Era and Rise of Big Business in America
HIS404H1 Senior Seminar in U.S. History
HIS453H1 Slavery in North America
HIS473H1 The United States and Asia Since 1945
HIS479H1 US Foreign Policy Since World War II
HIS484H1 The Car in North American History
JIH366H1 Indigenous Histories of the Great Lakes, 1815 to the Present (formerly HIS366H1)
JIH369H1 Great Lakes Indigenous Histories to 1830 (formerly HIS369H1)
JIH460H1 Indigenous Histories of North America
Course Code Course Title
HIS230H1 Indigenous and Early Colonial Caribbean History
HIS231H1 Revolution and Emancipation in the Colonial Caribbean
HIS291H1 Latin America: The Colonial Period
HIS292H1 Latin America: The National Period
JHN323H1 Indigeneity in the Caribbean
HIS324H1 The Criminalization of Protest in Latin American History
HIS359H1 Regional Politics and Radical Movements in the 20th Century Caribbean
HIS390H1 Slavery in Latin America
HIS397H1 Political Violence and Human Rights in Latin America
HIS431H1 Historical Memory and Transitional Justice in Latin America
HIS474H1 Emancipate Yourselves from Mental Slavery? Historical Narratives of Caribbean Decolonisation

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Geographic Area c): Europe

Course Code Course Title
HIS302H1 Material Culture in Victoria Britain
HIS332H1 Crime and Society in England, 1500-1800
HIS337H1 Culture, Politics and Society in18th Century Britain
HIS347H1 The Country House in England 1837-1939
HIS349H1 History of Britain: Struggle for Power
 HIS350H1 Topics in European Histories
HIS368H1 Early Modern Britain, 1485-1660
HIS422H1 Early Modern English Popular Culture, 1500-1800
HIS477H1 Topics in Social and Cultural History of Victorian Britain
HIS482H1 Soccer: The Hisotry of the World's Game
Course Code Course Title
HIS219Y1 Medieval Mediterranean History
HIS220Y1 The Shape of Medieval Society
HIS240H1 World War I in Europe
HIS241H1 Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914
HIS242H1 Europe in the 20th Century
HIS243H1 Early Modern Europe (15th-17th Centuries)
HIS244H1 Early Modern Europe, 1648-1815
HIS245H1 European Colonialism, 1700- 1965
HIS301H1 World War II Franc
HIS303H1 The Mediterranean, 600-1300; Crusade, Colonialism, Diaspora
HIS308H1 The Mediterranean, 1300-1700
HIS317H1 20th Century Germany
HIS320H1 Barbarian Invasions and the Fall of the Roman Empire
HIS321H1 Dark Age Europe, 7th-10th Centuries
HIS323H1 Rites of Passage and Daily Life in the Middle Ages
HIS327H1 Rome: The City in History
HIS329H1 Central Middle Ages (900-1200)
HIS330H1 Germany from Frederick the Great to the First World War
HIS334H1 World War II France
HIS336H1 Medieval Spain
HIS338H1 The Holocaust, to 1942
HIS341Y1 Germany Among the Global Empires, 1840-2010
HIS350H1 Topics in European Histories
HIS355H1 A History of Pre-modern Medicine
HIS357Y0 The Renaissance
HIS361H1 The Holocaust, from 1942
HIS373H1 Servants and Masters, 1000-1700
HIS375H1 Crime and Punishment in the Early Modern World
HIS386H1 Fascism
HIS387H1 France, 1610-1848
HIS388H1 France Since 1830
HIS403H1 Jews and Christians in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
HIS407H1 Imperial Germany, 1871-1918
HIS414H1 Down and Out in Medieval Europe
HIS415Y1 Nationalism and Memory in Modern Europe
HIS416H1 Orientalism and Nationalism in 19th Century Germany
HIS424H1 Violence in Medieval Society
HIS425H1 From the Weimar Republic to Nazi Germany: How Do Democracies Die?
HIS426H1 Early Medieval Italy, 300-1000 CE
HIS427H1 History and Historiography in the Golden Legend
HIS428H1 Medieval Institutes of Perfection
HIS430H1 The Two Germanies and the Cold War, 1949-1989
HIS432H1 Topics in Medieval History
HIS437H1 Telling Lies About Hitler: Frauds and Famous Feuds Among German Historians
HIS438H1 Inquisition and Society in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HIS440H1 Maps and History
HIS445H1 Nationalism
HIS457H1 The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire
HIS467H1 French Colonial Indochina : History, Culture, Texts, Film
HIS480H1 Modernity and Its Others: History and Postcolonial Critique
HIS493H1 Humanity in War: The Modern Evolution of the Law of Armed Conflict
Course Code Course Title
HIS240H1 World War I in Europe
HIS250Y1 History of Russia
HIS251Y1 History of East Central Europe
JSH300H1 Literature and History in Russia
HIS306H1 Islam and Muslims in the Balkans
HIS325H1 Imperial Russia
HIS331H1 Modern Baltic History
HIS340H1 The Ottoman Empire, 1800-1922
HIS350H1 Topics in European Histories
HIS351H1 The Soviet Union and After
HIS353Y1 Poland: A Crossroads of Europe
HIS364H1 From Revolution to Revolution: Hungary Since 1848
HIS367Y0 The City in Central Europe - Ideas, Culture, Revolutions and Renewal
HIS384H1 The Baltic Sea Region from the Vikings to the Age of Nationalisms
HIS386H1 Fascism
HIS420H1 Russia’s Great Patriotic Wars
HIS433H1 Polish Jews Since the Partition of Poland
HIS434Y1 Kievan Rus
HIS436H1 Stalinist Terror
HIS439H1 Russia’s Empire
HIS442H1 Jews and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union
HIS449Y1 Ukrainian National Revival
HIS451H1 World War II in East Central Europe
HIS459H1 Soviet History and Film, 1921-1946
HIS460H1 Soviet History and Film, 1941-1991
HIS461H1 Poland in the 20th Century
HIS490H1 Everyday Stalinism

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