PhD Program Scholarships & Awards

Department of History Restricted Awards

The Department of History has a number of awards only for history graduate students. Some require an application and others do not. Our graduate office advertises awards as required via email to our graduate students. Unless otherwise indicated, the amounts of the awards are based on yearly interest.

  • Alfred and Florence Aiken and Dorothy Woods Memorial Graduate Scholarship
  • Jeanne Armour Award in Canadian History
  • Jeanne Armour Graduate Scholarships in Canadian History
    • A series of awards for students in the area of Canadian history based on a generous donation from the estate of the late Jeanne Armour, and covering funding for travel, conference and stipendiary amounts.
  • Carmen Brock Fellowship
    • An award for students from post-secondary institutions in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean Islands, Belize, Guyana and/or Surinam who will be studying the history of these regions at the doctoral or master’s level.
  • Chinese Railway Workers of Canada Memorial Scholarship
    • To be awarded to a graduate student in the Department of History on the basis of academic merit.
  • Maurice Cody Fellowship
    • To be awarded to a graduate student whose research deals with Canadian Confederation, conditions immediately preceding the Confederation of the provinces and territories of British North America and Objects of Confederation.
  • Doctoral Completion Award
    • For doctoral students who are beyond the funded cohort but within the time limit for the degree.
  • Tom Easterbrook Graduate Scholarship in Communications and Mass Media
    • (Shared with the Departments of Economics and Political Science)
  • Rene Efrain Memorial Scholarship in French History in the Department of History
  • Emeritus History Professors Graduate Fellowship
    • For a graduate student enrolled in full-time studies. Based on academic merit.
  • The Finlayson Gold Medal
    • Awarded to a graduate student in the doctoral program with the most outstanding thesis in the preceding year.
  • Margaret S. McCullough Scholarship in Canadian Historical Research
    • For senior graduate students in Canadian history nearing completion of their program.
  • Vivienne Poy Chancellor’s Fellowship
  • C.P. Stacey – Connaught Graduate Fellowship
    • For a graduate student with outstanding achievements who is entering a research oriented degree program.
  • Women’s Canadian Historical Society of Toronto Graduate Fellowships in Canadian History
    • Two awards for entering master’s students and two awards for first-year doctoral students with a specialization in Canadian history. 
  • Natalie Zemon-Davis Fellowship
    • Made possible by the generosity of Professor Natalie Zemon-Davis, this fellowship is to be awarded to a graduate student whose research is informed by multiple disciplinary approaches. Preference is given to candidates whose research illuminates the histories of regions beyond North America and is both socially and culturally inclusive.

Awards For Conference and Research Travel

  • Craig Brown Travelling Fellowship for History Graduate Students
    • Travel scholarship for graduate students traveling to a conference or for field-based research.
  • History Conference Travel Grant
    • To be awarded to students who are presenting their work at a scholarly conference.
  • Martin Klein Fellowship Fund for Students From Africa
    • For graduate students from Africa, based on academic excellence and need for assistance with travel costs associated with research academic conferences and/or course of study.
  • Patricia and Alan Marchment Graduate Student Travel Awards in History
  • Pre-Dissertation Research Award
    • Awarded to doctoral students in their first or second year for research travel, with preference given to students who are in their second year and are finishing comps.
  • Ronald Pruessen Graduate Travel Bursary
    • For a graduate student registered in the Department of History who requires financial support in order to travel to conduct research or present a paper at an academic conference. Academic merit and financial need will be considered.
  • Rotenburg Fund
  • Jerome Samuel 7T0 Memorial Graduate Scholarship in History
    • Awarded to graduate students, in the first instance, who are studying 18th- and/or 19th-century British history. If no suitable candidates are found, the scholarship will be awarded to students studying British history, or finally, awarded to students studying in the Department of History.
  • Traveling Fellowship for History Graduate Students

U of T Awards and Scholarships

External Scholarships

U of T doctoral students are required to apply for OGS and SSHRC awards through the Department of History in order to be eligible for internal scholarships.

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
    • For students applying to, or registered in, an MA or PhD program in the social sciences in Ontario. An OGS is worth $15,000.00 over three terms (12 months). Visit the School of Graduate Studies website for OGS application forms, deadlines and other information.
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowships (SSHRC)
    • For students applying to, or registered in, a doctoral program in the social sciences or humanities. A SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship for 2016-2017is worth $20,000. These fellowships are distributed through a national competition open only to Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. 
  • Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral
    • For students applying to, or registered in, a doctoral program in the social sciences or humanities. Funding of $35,000 is available for years one through three of a doctoral program. Eligible applicants applying to SSHRC are considered for this grant at the national level. 
  • Other external awards (School of Graduate Studies)