Undergraduate FAQ

Typically in April, at the end of your first year, you will be expected to indicate which program you'd like to specialize your degree in. There are many options and combinations, and the full instructions, with dates and deadlines can be accessed at the Faculty of Arts & Science website. It's a great idea to look ahead when making first year course selections to see if any of the programs of study you are interested in have entrance requirements which you'd need to achieve in first year. Once you've made your selection, you can login to ACORN during the registration window and select your program.


Degree Explorer will show your progress in your program, and is also a great resource to access when you are planning your degree requirements. Please log in to Degree Explorer. For specific program questions, please check the Faculty of Arts & Science calendar for more details, and contact the program administrator if you are still unsure. 


If you are a third-, fourth- or fifth-year history student, you are eligible to apply for an independent studies course. To learn more, read our registration instructions for independent studies courses.


Yes, you can enrol in most Mississauga or Scarborough campus courses – as long as you meet the enrolment controls and prerequisites. These courses may not count towards your history program; please contact our undergraduate administrator before you enrol to confirm. Please visit the Faculty of Arts & Science calendar for complete policies on enrolling in courses at UTM and UTSC


For course auditing processes, fees and policies, please visit Auditing Undergraduate Courses.


Any 100-level six credit course in History. Some substitutions are possible. For details consult the Undergraduate Administrator or Undergraduate Chair before choosing any non-standard (non HIS) options.

Consult both departments’ administrators. You must meet entrance requirements for both programmes.