MA Major Research Paper

Year Name Major Research Paper Supervisor
2021 Dirie, Amina Transnational Ties: Political Solidarity, The Black Panther Party, and The Palestinian Liberation Organization, 1968-1973 Johnson, W.
2021 White, Natasha Soul Sickness: Illness and Sentiment in Imperial Russian Peasant Memoirs Smith, A.
2021 Kalo, Rayan Contextualizing the Arab Congress of 1913: Arabism between Constitutional Struggles and the Politics of Notables Hanssen, J.
2021 Gibson, George American Exceptionalism and Nationalized Rights Discourses in American Gay and Lesbian Publications, 1953-59 Brown, E.
2021 Slaven, James A Crisis, a Panic, and a Scare: The Politics of the Mercury Crisis of 1970 Penfold, S.
2021 Dale, Trevor A Question of Hats: King George III’s Participation in the Furstenbund of 1785 Mori, J.
2021 Link, Madeleine Practical and Spiritual Models in the English Colleges: Thomas Worthington, Marianism and the Controversies around Jesuits at Douai Terpstra, N.
2021 Coulter, Megan Retelling my Ancestor’s Story: Belleville’s Loyalist Founding, Commemoration Controversies, and Contested Pasts Bohaker, H.
2021 Xu, Qiao The Debate on Moral Norms and Legal Principles and The Westernization of Chinese Legal Thought Chen, L.
2021 Hegge, Morag Le Cimetière de la Madeleine: History, sentiment and politics after the French Revolution Mori, J.
2021 Putt, Alexander The First World War and its effect on the British and French radical right Jennings, E.
2020 Jafri, Anab A Global and Transnational Approach to Pakistan's 1968 student and labour movement : countering a Eurocentric historiography   Sharma, J.
2019 Feng, Shuning Debating Sexuality, Defining Modern Love: Polyamory and "Love Triangle" (Sanjiao lianai) in Early Twentieth-Century China

Wang, Y.

Grewal, A.

2021 Healey, Amelia After the usual ceremonies:” A study of shifts and continuity in Great Lakes treaty-making through the 1818 Treaties Bohaker, H.

MacNaughton, Victoire

The Roots Shaping Canadian Foreign Policy toward the People’s Republic of China (PRC) under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1968-1984)  MacMillan, M.
2022 Dinsdale Kaufman, Karen The Aysgarth Workhouse 1883-87 Loeb, L.
2023 Day, Sky The Danelaw: Examining the Effects of Local Culture on a Settling Foreign Population Ghosh, S.
Year Name Major Research Project Supervisor