Current Undergraduate Summer Courses

Summer Courses 2022

The Department offers 100-level, 200-level, 300-level, and 400-level History (HIS) courses.

Please Note:

  • Course descriptions are not final and may be changed at or before the first class. 
  • For enrolment instructions, students should consult the Faculty of Arts & Science Summer 2022 Timetable.
  • Prerequisites will be enforced rigorously. Students who do not have the relevant prerequisite(s) may be removed from the course after classes begin. Specific questions regarding prerequisites for a course can be answered by the course instructor. Where there are two instructors of a course, an asterisk (*) indicates the Course Coordinator.

**This page will be updated regularly. Please check here for curriculum changes.

Course Timetable

(Course numbers are links to course descriptions). The following courses are in numerical order. The descriptions are fuller than those in the Arts & Science Calendar.

Section Code Classes Start Classes End Final Assessments
F May 9 June 20 June 22 - 29
Y May 9 August 15 August 17 - 30
S July 4 August 15 August 17 - 30

Y section code course lectures do not meet the week of June 22 to June 29; term tests may be held.

100-level HIS courses are designed for students entering university. They take a broad sweep of material, and introduce students to the methods and techniques of university study. Each week, students will attend two lectures given by the course professor, and participate in one tutorial led by a teaching assistant. First year courses are not considered to be in an "area" for program requirements.

All 100-series HIS courses are mutually exclusive, with the exception of AP, IB, CAPE, or GCE transfer credits.  Students may enrol in only one 100-series History course.  Students enrolled in more than one of these courses (or who have completed one of these courses or a previous HIS 100-series course with a mark of 50% or greater) will be removed at any time.  First-Year students can also enrol in 200-series HIS courses. ALL students enrolled in a History Specialist, Major, or Minor program must take ONE 100-level HIS course.

Course Code & Section Course Title Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS102Y1-Y, L5101 Empires, Encounters and Exchanges Monday 5-7
Wednesday 5-7
Online - Synchronous M. Price

200-level HIS courses are surveys that introduce in broad outlines the history of a particular country, region, continent, or theme. Most are essential background for further upper-level study in the area. Students will generally attend two lectures and participate in one tutorial each week. The 200-level courses are open to first year students as well as those in higher years.

Course Code & Section Course Title Geographic Area Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS242H1-F, L0101 Europe in the 20th Century c Tuesday 1-3
Thursday 1-3
Online - Synchronous J. Stollenwerk
HIS243H1-S, L5101 Early Modern Europe, 1450-1648 c Tuesday 5-7
Thursday 5-7
SS 1070 L. Moncion
HIS264H1-S, L5101 Critical Issues in Canadian History b Monday 5-7
Wednesday 5-7
Online - Synchronous T. Blampied
HIS280Y1-Y, L5101 History of China b Tuesday 5-7
Thursday 5-7
Online - Synchronous J. Guo

300-level HIS courses are more specialized and intensive. They deal with more closely defined periods or themes. They vary in format, with some being based around lectures, and others involving tutorial or discussion groups. Most 300-level courses have prerequisites, which are strictly enforced. First year students are not permitted to enrol in 300- or 400-level HIS courses. Although some upper level courses do not have specific pre-requisites, courses at the 300 and 400 level are demanding and require a good comprehension of history.

Course Code & Section Course Title Geographic Area Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS342H1-S, L0101 Political and Psychological Liberation in 20th Century Africa a Monday 12-2
Wednesday 12-2
Online - Synchronous T. Bello
HIS377H1-F, L5101 20th Century American Foreign Relations b Tuesday 5-7
Thursday 5-7
SS 1070 K. Davis
HIS379H1-F, L0101 (J) Vietnam at War a Tuesday 5-7
Thursday 5-7
Online - Synchronous N. Tran
HIS389H1-F, L0101 (J) Topics in History: Holocaust in Literature c Tuesday 10-1
Thursday 10-12
Online - Synchronous D. Bergen/A. Shternshis

400-level HIS courses are two-hour seminars that deal with very specialized subjects and are often closely connected to a professor’s research. Most have specific course pre-requisites and require extensive reading, research, writing, and seminar discussion, and in most you will have the opportunity to do a major research paper. All 400-level HIS courses have enrolment restrictions during the first round (must have completed 14 or more full courses, be enrolled in a HIS Major, Specialist or Joint Specialist program and have the appropriate prerequisite). During the second round of enrolment, access to 400-level seminars is open to all 3rd and 4th year students with the appropriate prerequisite. First year students are not permitted to enrol in 300- or 400-level HIS courses.

IMPORTANT: Due to significant enrolment pressure on 4th year seminars, during the first round of enrolment, the Department of History reserves the right to remove students who enrol in more than the required number for program completion (Specialists – 2; Majors, Joint Specialists – 1) without consultation.

Students in 400-level seminars must attend the first class, or contact the professor to explain their absence. Failure to do so may result in the Department withdrawing the student from the seminar in order to create space for other interested students. Additional 400-level seminars for the 2022 Summer Session may be added at a later date. Please check back frequently for current information.

Course Code & Section Course Title Geographic Area Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS406H1-F, L0101 Advanced Topics in Gender History:  Constructions of Gender in East and Southeast Asia a Monday 2-4
Wednesday 2-4
Online - Synchronous N. Tran
HIS499Y1-Y, L0101 Independent Studies Course -- -- Online - Synchronous TBA

Summer Abroad

Enrich your academic experience with an exciting and educational international experience

  • Full-year University of Toronto undergraduate degree credit courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science.
  • Courses that are relevant to each destination.
  • Small classes of about 25 students taught by University of Toronto professors or faculty from the host university. 
  • All classes taught in English (except language courses).

Applications for Summer 2022 for programs that will run virtually will open online January 3, 2022 and the deadline to apply is March 1, 2022 at 5:00pm.  Applications for programs that will run on-site will open after the University has made a decision about international travel during the summer term. Dates are TBA.

Course Code Course Title
HIS298Y0 Themes and Issues in History: The History of Britain from Earliest Times to the Industrial Revolution
HIS343Y0 History of Modern Intelligence