Faculty Committees 2021-2022

Policy Committee

Elected from among the St. George Campus faculty, with participation of the Chair of Historical Studies at UTM and the Chair of Historical and Cultural Studies at UTSC. Advises the chair(s) on policy-related matters concerning the St. George Department including such things as: working groups, opportunities and initiatives, appointments, retention, strategic complement planning and reviews, curricula, etc.

  • Alison Smith/Nakanyike Musisi (Chair)
  • Connie Guberman (ex officio, UTSC Acting Chair Sept 2021-May 2022)
  • Andreas Bendlin (ex officio, UTM)
  • Steve Penfold (ex officio, Associate Chair - Grad)
  • Nakanyike Musisi (ex officio, Associate Chair - UG, July - Dec 2021)
  • Heidi Bohaker (ex officio, Associate Chair - UG, Jan 2022-Dec 2024)
  • Heidi Bohaker (year 3 of 3, until Dec 2021)
  • Funke Aladejebi (year 1 of 3)
  • Cindy Ewing (year 1 of 3)
  • Luis van Isschot (year 1 of 3)
  • Nakanyike Musisi (year 1 of 3, starts Jan 2022)

St. George Campus Committees

Reviews annual activity reports and advises on those faculty who are ready for promotion. Assists in the evaluation and preparation of the promotion dossier.

  • Alison K. Smith/Nakanyike Musisi (Chair)
  • Takashi Fujitani
  • Eric Jennings
  • Jennifer Mori
  • David Wilson
  • Nick Terpstra (Chair)
  • Isabelle Cochelin
  • Jim Retallack

Reviews annual activity reports to advise the chair in determining performance of faculty for annual PTR.

  • Nakanyike Musisi (Chair)
  • Heidi Bohaker (ex officio)
  • Steve Penfold (ex officio)
  • Funké Aladejebi    
  • Doris Bergen
  • Tim Sayle

Plans and coordinates undergraduate course offerings for departmental approval; discusses ongoing curriculum renewal and proposes changes for departmental consideration; discusses other undergraduate issues as necessary.

  • Nakanyike Musisi/Heidi Bohaker (Chair)
  • Anver Emon
  • Sean Hawkins
  • Mark Meyerson
  • Shauna Sweeney
  • Piotr Wrobel

Tri-Campus Committees

    The mandate of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee is to provide recommendations and direction to the Tri-Campus Graduate History Department and the undergraduate St. George History Department on questions of equity and diversity with a particular focus on addressing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and structural inequities, as well as policies and practices that affect Indigenous, Black, People of Color, and LGBTQ2S members of these departments.

    • Nhung Tran (Co-Chair with Carlie Manners)
    • Funké Aladejebi
    • Heidi Bohaker
    • Paul Cohen
    • Anver Emon
    • Chris Johnson
    • Tak Fujitani
    • Lisa Mar
    • Luis van Isschot
    • Rebecca Woods
    • Anup Grewal
    • Malavika Kasturi
    • Julie MacArthur

    Student members:

    • Melanie Ng
    • Otillie (Kate) Grisdale
    • Lauren Catterson
    • Elio Colavito
    • James Slaven
    • Chris Chung
    • Koby Song-Nichols

    Seeks to promote activities (lectures, conferences, workshops, etc) which promote collaboration among faculty members and advance and celebrate the intellectual life of the department.

    • Julie MacArthur (Chair)
    • Isabelle Cochelin
    • Paula Hastings
    • Lisa Mar
    • Max Mishler

    Chaired by a tenured faculty member, works closely with Associate Chair Graduate and Graduate Administrators to review graduate applications and determine offers of admission; liaises with prospective faculty advisors about responding to pre-application inquiries, messages of interest and campus visits, and assists the Associate Chair Graduate, in the recruitment of admitted students.

    • Steve Penfold (ex officio)
    • Melanie Newton (Chair, PhD admissions)    
    • Paul Cohen (Chair, MA admissions)
    • Dmitry Anastakis
    • Doris Bergen
    • Cindy Ewing
    • Malavika Kasturi 
    • Russell Kazal     
    • Julie MacArthur 
    • Nhung Tran    
    • Piotr Wrobel

    Plans and coordinates graduate course offerings for departmental approval; discusses ongoing curriculum renewal and proposes changes for departmental consideration; discusses other graduate issues as necessary.

    • Steve Penfold (ex officio Chair)
    • Ritu Birla
    • Kevin Coleman
    • Lori Loeb
    • Mark Meyerson
    • Sean Mills
    • Jeffrey Pilcher
    • Takashi Fujitani (Chair)
    • Sean Hawkins
    • Giulio Silano
    • Lynne Viola

    Advises the Associate Chair, Graduate in the awarding of internal fellowships; reviews graduate students’ applications and proposals assisting in the preparation of cover letters, CVs and dossiers for external fellowships.

    • Steve Penfold (ex officio)
    • Doris Bergen
    • Nick Everett
    • Eric Jennings
    • Michelle Murphy
    • Rebecca Wittmann

    Assists and advises graduate students at all levels of their study to prepare for the job market including: workshops on the preparation of CVs, cover letters and teaching dossiers; individual consultations regarding job applications; mock interviews; support for AHA interviews in advance of and at the meeting; and preparation for campus visits.

    • Sean Mills (Chair)
    • W. Chris Johnson
    • Max Mishler
    • Lilia Topouzova
    • Andres Kasekamp (Chair)
    • Ken Bartlett
    • Ritu Birla
    • Michael Gervers
    • Tong Lam
    • William Nelson
    • Stephen Rockel