Auditing Undergraduate Courses

Auditing Undergraduate Courses: Fall/Winter 2024-2025

The Department of History is delighted to welcome back auditors to our classrooms, space permitting, for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Rules Governing Auditors:

  1. Not all courses accept auditors. We only accept auditors for first year to third year courses.
  2. Auditing is subject to room space considerations and the course instructor’s and department’s approval. No auditors will be admitted to a course that is already full. For courses that are close to being full, no auditor can be enrolled until the last day has passed for student enrollment (September 16, 2024). No instructor is required to accept auditors, even if space is available.
  3. Auditing a course entitles you to attend lectures and access some learning materials on Quercus, our learning management platform. It does not provide library access or other campus supports or services.
  4. You may not submit any written work, attend tutorials, write term tests or the final exam.
  5. The fee for external auditors is 40% of the regular tuition fee.  For the 2023-24 Academic Session, the auditing fee will be $488.00 for a full (Y) course and $244.00 for a half (H) course.

To review the courses we are offering, see the fall/winter listings.

To check if space is available in a class, use the University's Timetable Builder tool. 

Step 1: Select Faculty / Division and Session (Required)

  • For Faculty/Division, select Faculty of Arts and Science
  • For Term, select Fall/Winter 2024-2025, or the specific term that interests you. 

Step 2: Add More Filters

  • Enter the specific course code (e.g. HIS101) in the left-hand field. You don't need to enter the Department as the code will take you right to the course. Under the Lecture code, you will see Availability. The number on the left is the number of spaces remaining (if any). The number on the right is the total number of seats available in the class. If the Availability reads 0 of XX (such as 0 of 45), there are no spaces for auditors.


  • Complete the following form. You'll need the course code and title of the course that interests you (e.g. HIS102Y1Y: Empires, Encounters and Exchanges). 
  • Expect to hear back from us within 7 business days. The department will contact the instructor on your behalf, so there is no need (it won't speed things up) to email them directly.
  • For further information, or to confirm your eligibility to enrol as an auditor, contact Therese McGuirk.