Research Experience Opportunities


Research Opportunities Program courses (ROP) - The History Department also participates in three Faculty of Arts & Science research programs that permit students to participate in a regular faculty member’s research for academic credit. ROP299Y1 and  REP398H1/Y1 are second- and third-year programs that permit students to work in Toronto as research assistants for one full-course equivalent (FCE). REP 398H1/Y1 enables third-year students to do fieldwork with an instructor off-site, often outside Canada. Research Opportunity Program (ROP) courses are not offered every year.
Additional information for ROP299Y1 and REP398H1/Y1 is available on the A&S website.
The Research Excursion Program (REP) 398H/Y is administered by the International Programs Office.
Questions about ROP and REP may also be emailed to the Undergraduate Administrator & Student Advisor.


Grant-Funded Research: Some faculty may hire undergraduates, especially senior undergraduates, as research assistants on their grant-funded research projects. These positions are often listed here.

Work-Study: Work Study is another program that can also provide opportunities for students to work in research (although not all work-study positions are connected to research). Research positions in history are sometimes advertised on the page above, but they will always be posted to the Career Learning Network. Positions are advertised in March/April for the Summer, and in August for the fall/winter. Students apply for work-study through the Career Learning Network site.

GRASAC:  Professor Bohaker is the Co-Director of the Great Lakes Research Alliance ( GRASAC typically hires three to four undergraduate students each fall through the Work Study program. These opportunities best suit Majors and Specialists with a focus on Indigenous Histories, or double majors with Indigenous Studies, and interests in material culture. Positions, if and when available, are listed on the Career Learning Network site.