International Studies

Study Elsewhere and Outbound

There are many ways to gain credit for international study, either for a semester or full academic year. For details and conditions, visit the Centre for International Experience (CIE) at Cumberland House, 33 St. George Street.

International Course Modules (ICM)

Several opportunities exist for History students to combine travel with study. In addition to REP 398/399, International Course Modules (ICM) permit students to study abroad during the winter Reading Week as part of an existing History course.

These stemmed from the international component of HIS 481S, Elite Women, Power and Modernity in Twentieth-Century Africa. Students should note that History courses do not contain the international module every year. Not all History courses, moreover, contain an ICM. If you are interested in undertaking one, you should nevertheless speak to an instructor and/or contact the undergraduate office. For more information visit the Faculty of Arts & Science website.

Summer Abroad

Students may also participate in Summer Abroad, which has been run for 40 years by Woodsworth College. This program enables students to take History courses in the country under study for 1 FCE. These are accelerated Y courses undertaken in six weeks from June to August. Host countries range from England and France to Israel and Hong Kong. A different menu of courses is offered every year.