Morality and Reality: The Life and Times of Andrei Sheptyts'kyi

Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Study Press

Andrei Sheptyts'kyi (1865-1944), metropolitan-archbishop of the Greek Catholic Church in Galicia, was a towering figure in twentieth-century Ukrainian life. This collection of twenty-one essays examines Metropolitan Sheptyts'kyi as church hierarch, theologian, ecumenist, national leader, and philanthropist. Contributors include Wolfdieter Bihl, John-Paul Himka, Ryszard Torzecki, Bohdan Bociurkiw, Andrii Krawchuk, and many others.

Acclaimed as a classic reference work, this substantial volume also includes a six-page chronology of Sheptyts'kyi's life, three genealogical charts, two maps, and more than 50 photographs. The introduction was written by leading church historian Jaroslav Pelikan.

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