Mark McGowan

Professor & Principal Emeritus, USMC

On Leave

July 01, 2021 to June 30, 2022
Carr Hall, Room 319, St. Mike's College
416- 926-2080


Fields of Study


Specialist in the religious, social, and communications history of Canada and Ireland. Author of the award-winning books Catholics at the Gathering Place: Historical Essays on the Archdiocese of Toronto (1992) and The Waning of the Green: Catholics, the Irish and Identity in Toronto, 1887-1922 (McGill-Queen’s 1999); Michael Power: The Struggle to Build the Catholic Church on the Canadian Frontier (McGill-Queen’s, 2005); he has recently completed a revisionist work on the Irish Famine migration to Canada (for the CHA Canadian Ethnic Groups Series) and a short award-winning book for the Ireland Park Foundation: Death or Canada: The Irish Famine Migration to Toronto, 1847 and Toronto. He is currently researching the evolution of religious broadcasting in Canada and writing a book on Canada’s Irish Catholics during the Great War. A recipient of four University Teaching Awards, he served as  Principal of St. Michael’s College from 2002 to 2011, and as Acting Vice-Provost, Students, for the University of Toronto for part of 2013.

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PhD, University of Toronto