Heidi Bohaker

Associate Professor
Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2086


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Indigenous histories, pre-Confederation Canada, ethnohistory, digital history.


Heidi Bohaker’s research and teaching interests include Anishinaabe political history in the Great Lakes region; Native American writing, communication systems, and material culture as sources for history; treaty relationships; federal government policies toward indigenous peoples in Canada; and digital history. She has a broad interest in the types of archives and categories of information both states and non-state societies kept and keep about their people.

She is also a practitioner of the digital humanities, exploring how to best use new technologies in collaboration with Great Lakes First Nations to reconnect communities with aspects of their cultural heritage stored in museums and archives around the world, through GRASAC, the Great Lakes Research Alliance for the Study of Aboriginal Arts and Cultures, of which she is a co-founder, and its research database of which she was the main designer. Her interest in digital archives has led to a recent project on the privacy implications of using the global cloud to store confidential and private data. Current projects include a study of Pre-Confederation treaties, 1763-1815, and the significance of wampum in Great Lakes treaty negotiations.