Black History Month 2023 Reading List

February 28, 2023 by Amal Osman

We're celebrating Black History Month with another great reading list for mid-winter nights, celebrating established and new scholars and their work! Check out the list of must-reads below:


Unsettling the Great White North: Black Canadian History
Edited by Michele A. Johnson and Funké Aladejebi
Black Matters
By Afua Cooper  By Wilfried Raussert 
Race on Trial: Black Defendants in Ontario's Criminal Courts, 1858-1958
by Barrington Walker
Schooling the System: A History of Black Women Teachers
by Funké Aladejebi
A Place in the Sun: Haiti, Haitians, and the Remaking of Quebec
By Sean Mills
Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present
By Robyn Maynard 
The Black Prairie Archives: An Anthology
Edited by Karina Vernon
Black Racialization and Resistance at an Elite University
By Rosalind Hampton
Biographical Dictionary of Enslaved Black People in the Maritimes
By Harvey Amani Whitfield
Moving Beyond Borders: A History of Black Canadian and Caribbean Women in the Diaspora
By Karen Flynn
Emancipation Day: Celebrating Freedom in Canada
By Natasha L. Henry
Thinking While Black: Translating the Politics and Popular Culture of a Rebel Generation
by Daniel McNeil
Women in the Promised Land: Essays in African Canadian History
By Nina Reid-Maroney
Borderland Blacks: Two Cities in the Niagara Region During the Final Decades of Slavery
By dann j Broyld
Moving Against the System: The 1968 Congress of Black Writers and the Making of Global Consciousness
Edited by David Austin
Harriet’s Legacies: Race, Historical Memory, and Futures in Canada
Edited by Ronald Cummings and Natalee Caple
Slavery, Geography and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Marine Landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica
By Charmaine Nelson
Go Do Some Great Thing: The Black Pioneers of British Columbia
By Crawford Kilian
Unyielding Spirits: Black Women and Slavery in Early Canada and Jamaica
By Maureen G. Elgersman
The Promised Land: History and Historiography of the Black Experience in Chatham-Kent's Settlements and Beyond
Edited by Boulou de b'Beri, Nina Reid-Maroney and Handel K. Wright
Burnley “Rocky” Jones Revolutionary: An Autobiography by Burnley “Rocky” Jones
By James St.G. Walker and Burnley “Rocky” Jones  Afterword by George Elliott Clarke 
We're Rooted Here and They Can't Pull Us Up: Essays in African Canadian Women's History
By Peggy Bristow
Uncle: Race, Nostalgia, and the Politics of Loyalty
By Cheryl Thompson
Jamaica in the Canadian Experience: A Multiculturalizing Presence
Edited by Andrea Davis and Carl E. James 
The African Diaspora in Canada: Negotiating Identity & Belonging
Edited by Korbla P. Puplampu, Wisdom Tettey
"Where are You From?": Growing Up African-Canadian in Vancouver
By Gillian Laura Creese
North of the Color Line: Migration and Black Resistance in Canada, 1870-1955
By Sarah-Jane Mathieu
The Fire That Time: Transnational Black Radicalism and the Sir George Williams Occupation
By Ronald Cummings, Nalini Mohabir, eds.