Schooling the System — A Roundtable Discussion

When and Where

Monday, February 28, 2022 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Professor Funké Aladejebi, Department of History
Professor Chris Johnson, Women & Gender Studies Institute
Professor Melanie J. Newton, Department of History
Professor, Lance McCready, Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE
Catherine Grant-Wata, Ph.D. student, Department of History
Sabrina McLennon, undergraduate student, Major in Pharmacology, Minor in History & Bioethics


Organized by the Department of History and co-sponsored by the Black Research Network, this virtual roundtable event, featuring faculty and student panelists, will celebrate the launch of the book Schooling the System: A History of Black Women Teachers by Professor Funké Aladejebi of the Department of History.

The Schooling the System roundtable will bring together speakers who take up aspects of Professor Aladejebi's book that they see as critically important, bringing their different disciplinary perspectives to the conversation. The roundtable will help the audience to contextualize Professor Aladejebi's book and the issues that it raises as a critical nexus between our collective Black presents, pasts and futures. The book and the conversation also offer a starting place for thinking about Black experiences of education. This is a historical moment when it is critical to recognize the role that Black educators have played and continue to play in institutional and pedagogical change at all levels of learning, including at universities like our own.