Ours to Tell: Ethics of Research in Indigenous and Japanese Canadian Communities

When and Where

Friday, March 25, 2022 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Online Event


Margaret Kovach
Jennifer Matsunaga
Mona Oikawa
Henry Yu
Tod Duncan
Bailey Hoy
Pamela Sugiman
Laura Ishiguro


For many years, discussions have taken place between academics and community leaders on the ethics of research in racialized and Indigenous communities. Racialized researchers have faced marginalization and have often been tokenized or treated as "native informants" in collaborative research, rather than scholars in their own right. Those outside the community have claimed information provided by community knowledge keepers as their “discovery” with no credit given to independent scholars and storytellers. A dynamic group of panelists will discuss the ethics of research in Asian communities, with a focus on, but not limited to Japanese Canadians. Participants include prominent Japanese Canadian scholars, junior Japanese Canadian researchers, and one of the country’s most dynamic leaders in Asian Canadian Studies. The discussion will begin with a keynote presentation by Dr. Margaret Kovach, an influential and highly regarded Indigenous scholar who has written extensively on the topic of Indigenous Research Methodologies.

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Chu Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, Nat'l Ass'n Japanese Canadians, CIS, CSUS, Canadian Studies, Sun Life