ONLINE ONLY!! Livetweet along with Historians at the Movies #HATM

When and Where

Sunday, March 15, 2020 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Tweet along online! @HerbertHistory #HATM


Jason Herbert


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SCREENING AT INNIS COLLEGE HAS BEEN CANCELLED. But this doesn't mean we can't still tweet along!

Jason Herbert (@HerbertHistory) will still be taking over History's Twitter feed for a special Historians at the Movies #HATM! We will be screening First They Killed My Father (2017, dir. Angelina Jolie), based on Luong Ung's experiences during the Cambodia genocide, 1975-79.

Live tweeting to start at 8:30pm. Follow along via #HATM!

Jason Herbert is a Ph.D. Candidate in History at the University of Minnesota. He is the founder of Historians at the Movies.




Department of History, Graduate History Society (GHS), Innis College, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies


Tweet along online! @HerbertHistory #HATM