#EOTalks Virtual Panel: Harassment X Academia

When and Where

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Zoom Online Event


Jahanara Kabir
Sheryl Nestel
Jennifer Sheridan Moss
Sunny Singh
Our Harvard Can Do Better
Harvard GSU FWG
Co-Chairs: Rebecca Futo Kennedy and Jackie Murray


This panel discussion will offer some thoughts on the topic of sexual, identity-based, & professional harassment.

How can survivors and accomplices better prevent harrassment, care for survivors and work towards reparatory justice?

Harassment is a chronic issue in universities and in academia at large. This phenomenon has been made visible over the past few years through a series of high profile cases ranging from sexual harrassment of students and colleagues by male faculty (see here, here and here), to the bullying and harassment of university workers belonging to traditionally marginalized groups (see notably here here and here), to harassment and doxxing of public-facing scholars by far-right and conspirationist individuals and organization (see notably here and here).

While these stories have made it in the open, freeing tongues and generating important conversations in the process, they remain the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, due to its often evasive nature and the power dynamics at play, harassment and its traumatic consequences remains way more rampant in academic contexts than is visible from the outside. While silence and brain drain remain more frequent than accountability, an increasing number of students, scholars and activists are building communities of care and working towards structural changes.


Everyday Orientalism, Women's Classical Caucus, American Society of Papyrologists