Eleonora Cappuccilli

Postdoctoral Fellow
Sidney Smith Hall, Room 3075, 100 St. George St., Toronto ON M5S 3G3


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Renaissance and early modern Europe; women's political and religious thought; political theology; public sphere.

Name of Postdoctoral Fellowship

Female Prophecy in Early Modern European Religion


My project is the first attempt to create a theoretical account of female prophecy in 16th century Italy, Spain and England as a key to understanding early modern religion. The project identifies 16th-century Italian ‘living saints’ and humanists; Spanish beatas and conversas; and English visionaries as privileged actors of prophetic charisma and challenges assumptions that prophecy responds just to national or local interests and debates, opening avenues for transnational and trans-confessional research in this field.


Eleonora Cappuccilli is Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellow. She earned her Ph.D in History of Political Thought from the University of Bologna (2016). She has recently been an annual research fellow at Villa I Tatti - The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies and postdoctoral fellow in History of Ideas at the University of Oslo. In 2019 she was visiting fellow at the University of California, Berkley. Among her research interests are female prophecy, women’s political and religious thought in early modern Europe, feminist political theory and the history of patriarchy. She published two monographs: La critica imprevista. Politica, teologia e patriarcato in Mary Astell (2020); and La strega di Dio. Profezia politica, storia e riforma in Caterina da Racconigi (2020).


PhD, University of Bologna