Oksana Dudko

PhD Program

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Violence; Gender; Identity Conflicts; 20th-century Europe; Ukraine; Theatre History; Digital History

Working Dissertation


Piotr Wróbel
Lynne Viola
Doris Bergen


Oksana is a historian of 20th-century Europe with a special focus on violence, gender, and the cultural history of the first world war and the revolutions in Eastern Europe. Her research project explores the phenomenon of “revolving mobilization”—ongoing shifts in former imperial soldiers’ allegiances to different (and often ideologically opposed) armies, which shaped their combat experiences during the multiple conflicts of 1914–1920 in Eastern Europe. The project showcases the experiences of the Ukrainian soldiers of Habsburg Galicia.

Oksana has taught courses on the history of Ukraine, the history of the first world war, and gender and violence in the 20th century at various universities in Lviv, Ukraine. She also serves as an invited researcher for history exhibitions in Ukraine and Poland.

Since 2011, Oksana has been a research fellow at the Center for Urban History in Lviv. She served as a manager of the digital map project Lviv Interactive in 2011–2016. Currently, she is cross-appointed as a principal investigator of the project “Urban Culture, Entertainment, and Networking in Times of Social Unrest, Wars, and Revolutions (1900s–1920s).”

In addition, for more than ten years, Oksana has been curating theatre projects in Ukraine. Oksana was a founder and artistic director of the International Theatre Festival Drabyna (2004–2011) and the New Dramaturgy Festival Drama.UA (2010–2013). She was also one of the founders and program curators of the First Stage of Contemporary Dramaturgy Drama.UA in 2014.


Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies

Selected Publications

  • Dudko, Oksana, “Riflemen Art: Visualising ‘the Ukrainian War,’” in Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Avant-Garde and Modernism: The Impact of World War I, ed. Lidia Głuchowska, Vojtěch Lahoda (Praga: Artefactum, forthcoming).
  • Dudko, Oksana, “Between National and Popular Culture: Theatres in Occupied Lviv (September 1914–June 1915).” Ukraina Moderna 23 (2016): 45–76. (in Ukrainian)
  • Dudko, Oksana, “In the Name of Our Peasants: History and Identity in Ukrainian and Polish Contemporary Theatre,” in European Stages, 4 (New York, 2015). http://europeanstages.org/2015/06/25/in-the-name-of-our-peasants-history...
  • Dudko, Oksana, “Between the Past and the Future: Mass Rallies as the Staging of the Ukrainian National Project (1911–1914),” in Roczniki dziejów społecznych i gospodarczych. Vol. LXXIII (Poznań—Warszawa, 2013), 177–199.

Book Reviews

  • Dudko, Oksana, Review of “The Pogroms of the Russian Civil War at 100: New Trends, New Sources,” in “QUEST. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History” ed. Elissa Bemporad and Thomas Chopard, special issue, Ukraina Moderna 15, (2020). (in Ukrainian). http://uamoderna.com/event/dudko-new-archives
  • Dudko, Oksana, Review of Neda Atanasoski, Humanitarian Violence: The US Deployment of Diversity in Feminist Critique (September 2019). (in Ukrainian) https://feminist.krytyka.com/en/articles/humanitarian-violence-or-critiq...
  • Dudko, Oksana, Review of Simon Rabinovitch, Jewish Rights, National Rites: Nationalism and Autonomy in Late Imperial and Revolutionary Russia. (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2014.), in Ukraina Moderna 24 (2017). (in Ukrainian)
  • Dudko, Oksana. Review of Tarik Cyril Amar, Paradox of Ukrainian Lviv: A Borderland City between Stalinists, Nazis, and Nationalists, in The Russian Review 76, no.1 (2017): 176–177.
  • Dudko, Oksana. “Wartime Lemberg, Lwów, L’viv: City of Contested National Violences,” review of Christoph Mick, Lemberg, Lwów, L’viv, 1914–1947: Violence and Ethnicity in a Contested City, in Ab Imperio no.1 (2017): 363–367.


  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Scholarship, 2019;
  • Craig Brown Travelling Fellowship for History Graduate Students, 2019;
  • School of Graduate Studies Research Travel Grant, 2019;
  • Canadian Association of Slavists Travel Grant, 2019;
  • The Earl and Renee Lyons Scholarship in Jewish Studies, 2018;
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2017, 2018;
  • The Shiff Family Graduate Award in Jewish Studies, 2017;
  • Sonshine Graduate Award in Holocaust Studies, 2016;
  • C.p. Stacey-Connaught Graduate Fellowship, 2016;
  • The Eugene and Daymel Shklar Research Fellowship in Ukrainian Studies, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2016;
  • Canadian Association of Theatre Research Travel Grant, 2015;
  • Winner, Best Cultural Project, the Mayor of Lviv Award, Lviv, 2013;
  • Polish Government Research Scholarship for Young Academics, Warsaw University, 2009, 2010, 2012;
  • Kasa Mianowskiego Research Scholarship, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2007;
  • Best Project for Polish–Ukrainian Cooperation in the Humanities, Polish General Consulate in Ukraine, 2009;
  • Scholarship of the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, 2007, 2008;
  • Ukrainian Regional Government Scholarship for Graduate Students, 2003;
  • University President Excellence Award, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 2002, 2005.


Kandydat nauk (Candidate of Sciences) in history, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv