Jan Noel

Associate Professor Emerita
Erindale Hall Residence, 1525 Outer Circle, Room 307D

Fields of Study


Professor Noel’s interests include Early Canada as well as comparative colonial and gender history. Her latest book is Along a River: The First French Canadian Women (UTP 2013). Noel is author of some 35 refereed articles, chapters and books, including the much-reprinted "New France: Les Femmes Favorisees". She received the New York History Society’s 2014 Kerr prize for her work on aboriginal women in the fur trade. Her earlier work, Canada Dry: Temperance Crusades before Confederation, received the Canadian Historical Association’s Macdonald Prize. Professor Noel is a past coordinator of Gender Studies at her UTM Department and current coordinator of its Heads Up Writing Program.


PhD, University of Toronto