Denis Smyth

Professor Emeritus

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Modern international relations, especially Europe since 1930. Mid-twentieth-century diplomatic and strategic history; the role of secret intelligence and irregular warfare during the era of the two World Wars.


Professor Smyth specializes in the field of modern international relations, particularly concentrating upon the diplomacy and strategy of the Great Powers during the 1930s and 1940s. Amongst his publications in this area are Diplomacy and Strategy of Survival: British Policy and Franco’s Spain, 1940-41 (1986) and (editor), British Documents on Foreign Affairs, Western Europe: 1940-1945, 8 vols. (1998); and British Documents on Foreign Affairs,Europe: 1946-1950, 27 vols. (2000 – 2003). He also has an interest in the history of modern European integration and his publications in that field include Spain, the EEC and NATO (with Paul Preston; 1984).


PhD, University of Cambridge