Helen E. Graham Visiting Fellowship

The Helen E. Graham Visiting Fellow will be an early or mid-career scholar who is engaged in thematically or methodologically innovative work in the area of 19th and/or 20th Century European History (as defined broadly). The Graham Visiting Fellow will be invited to spend from ten to twenty days in Toronto pursuing their own research, offering a public lecture, informal talks, directing one or more Master classes, and speaking to under­graduate classes and graduate seminars, as appropriate.

Time of Fellowship:

The Fellowship will normally be taken up during the Winter academic term between January and April, when classes are in session.

Terms of the Fellowship:

The Department of History will provide up to C$ 3,000 for the successful applicant’s expenses, including airfare, reimbursement for accommodation, and a per diem for meals. An honorarium of C$ 1000 is also provided. A faculty member from the Department of History will serve as liaison with the Graham Fellow, providing assistance within the department and offering networking opportunities with other academic units.


  • Applicants should prepare a letter of interest, and enclose with it a short curriculum vitae of maximum six pages, to be submitted by November 1, 2019.
  • The applicant should indicate in the letter what she/he might present for a public lecture, and what type of workshop, Master class, or course-related events might be offered during the tenure of the Fellowship.
  • Enquiries and applications should be emailed to Tamara J. Walker.


The applications will be adjudicated initially by the History Department’s Intellect­ual Community Committee. A ranked list of three applicants will be sub­mitted to the Department’s Policy Committee for final approval. The Chair of History will notify the successful candidate by mid-November 2019.