Wrong and Careless Living History Series: State Power and Colonialism(s)


Join us for our next Wrong and Careless session, “State Power and Colonialism(s),” with Professors Heidi Bohaker and Julie MacArthur. We’ll discuss the role of states, governments, and institutions to colonial projects; indigenous resistance and cooperation; and the legacies of colonialism and imperialism to the social, legal, political, and economic structures of formerly colonized countries. If anyone is interested in participating in or moderating the discussion, please be in touch with Kelsey (kelsey.kilgore@mail.utoronto.ca) or Alex (a.logue@mail.utoronto.ca). 

The talk is scheduled for Friday 10 March, from 3pm-5pm at Harbord House* and is put on in conjunction with the Department’s PhD recruitment day. 

*Please note the change in venue. Harbord House is located at 150 Harbord Street, just west of campus. Unfortunately, it is not an accessible space. There are steps leading to the front door, and a set of stairs to the second floor where we’ll be. 

We hope to see you there!