Wrong and Careless Living History Series: Food Studies and Histories


Professor Daniel Bender, Professor Steve Penfold, postdoc Colleen Hammelman, and graduate students from the Culinaria Research Centre, Sanchia DeSouza and Adrian De Leon, will explore the interdisciplinary methodologies of Food Studies.

Read more about the Culinaria Research Centre.

The Wrong and Careless Living History Series began as an effort to foster a closer intellectual community between graduate students and faculty. Meeting once a month, the informal gatherings feature faculty, visiting scholars, and guests. Our sessions last year included “Feminism in Academia”, “The Material and the Digital” and “Reactions and Resistance to Empire.” Anyone interested in proposing a topic or participating on a panel is encouraged to get in touch with Kelsey (kelsey.kilgore@mail.utoronto.ca) or Alex (a.logue@mail.utoronto.ca). 

The Fox and the Fiddle is a fully-accessible location. Food will be provided by the Department of History.