Travel Sickness: Pan-Africanism, Medicine and Misogynoir in Interwar Caribbean Harlem


Please join us for the WGSI first 2017 research seminar With Prof.  W. Chris Johnson, Assistant Professor, WGSI and Department of History, University of Toronto

Through a historical case study of Caribbean health activists in Harlem, this talk explores the persistence of patriarchy and misogynoir in black politics, and the suppression of bodily autonomy in visions, demands, and agendas for liberation. In local and transnational campaigns against Jim Crow healthcare, British colonial medical violence, and fascism, black Caribbean physicians based in "the Negro Melting Pot" of Harlem claimed authority to contain and control the sexual practices and reproductive lives of black women and girls. During this era of great migrations, Caribbean medical Race Men remixed eugenicist ideologies, and harnessed their wealth and prestige to expand healthcare to black populations, defend black people from abuse by white doctors, and uplift themselves as biomedical patriarchs.


Refreshments will be served!