Peace and War in the Baltic: Elmar Tampold Chair of Estonian Studies Student Conference


The Elmar Tampõld Chair of Estonian Studies will be hosting a student conference Peace and War in the Baltic:

Ryan Cheuk Him Sun
Baptism during the Baltic Crusade in Henry's Chronicle of Livonia

Jason Cantalini
The Crossbow's Arrival in the Baltic: Depictions and Interpretations of a Colonizer's Weapon

Eric Pecile
The Felling of the Black Cross: How Crusaders Died in Battle on the Livonian Fron- tier

Joseph Sproule
Mercenaries in Late Sixteenth-century Reval/Tallinn: Some Considerations on Mili- tary Enterprise in an Early Modern Baltic Emporium

Dace Veinberga
Animism and Autonomous Religiosity in Post-Livonia

Daniel Sokolowski
Crisis or Stagnation? Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's Economy in the Seventeenth Century European Context

Eriks Bredovskis
A German Dominium maris Baltici? Baltic German Historical Narratives of Imperial Expansion in Eastern Europe, 1914–1918

Kristina Pauksens
The Enemies Next Door: Repression in the Postwar Stalin Era Latvian Countryside

Nicole Thompson
The Ideal Citizen:A Comparison of IRO Resettlement Programs afterWWII and the Impact on Baltic Displaced Persons

Sonia Ralston
The Estonian Song Festival Grounds:Architectures of Enduring National Identity