Jewish Honour Courts: The Quest for Retribution in the Postwar Jewish World


In the wake of the Second World War, despite the urgent demands of daily existence, people across Europe concerned themselves with issues of justice. How should perpetrators be punished? Who had collaborated with the Germans? Jews in Displaced Persons camps set up their own system—the honour courts—to try individuals charged with betraying the Jewish people. Those who had served as kapos or members of the Jewish police or Jewish councils in ghettos were the most likely to come under investigation.

For many years, the honour courts were a taboo subject, and their hundreds of cases remained unstudied. Professor Laura Jockusch (Brandeis University) will discuss her groundbreaking research on honour courts.

At this event we will pay tribute to Chancellor Emerita Rose Wolfe (1916– 2016), whose remarkable support made this and so many previous events possible.

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