Digital Humanities Network (DHN) Lightning Lunch


This Digital Humanities Network lightning lunch (co-sponsored by the U of T iSchool) will feature a guest speaker, Jacob Gaboury, and talks that address the issues, difficulties, and methodological resistance of algorithms in humanist inquiry. The theme of this lunch is intentionally opaque, challenging speakers to consider how their research, in a digital space, is facilitated or deterred by computational approaches.

Speakers, among others, will include:
Jacob Gaboury (Stony Brook University, SUNY)
Elspeth Brown (University of Toronto, Department of History)
Christine Shaw (Blackwood Gallery/ UTM Department of Visual Studies)
Brian Gettler (University of Toronto, Department of History)
Steven Green (University of Toronto, Strategic Communications and Marketing)
Scott Richmond (University of Toronto, Cinema Studies)  

The event will be will be moderated by Alex Gillespie (University of Toronto at Mississauga, Department of English and Drama).