b2B Career Skills Workshop: Where will your Arts & Science degree take you?


This workshop will be held on the St George campus on the following two dates (please attend only one session):

  • Wednesday September 19th, 12-2pm 
  • Friday September 21st, 1-3pm

Your Arts & Science degree can open doors to an amazing variety of careers and industries. Are you wondering about how your career path will develop post-graduation? This workshop will introduce students to the b2B (Backpack to Briefcase) program at U of T, a series of networking events that lets students hear directly from Arts & Science alumni about their experiences working in the field. We will also:

  • Discuss the non-linear nature of careers
  • Explore the relationship between your program of study and employability skills
  • Reflect on important experiences to identify transferable skills
  • Identify at least one next step for your career exploration

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