The Aftermath of the Second World War: A Global Jewish Perspective


Monday, October 15, 2018
9:45-10:00  Welcome and opening remarks

10:00-11:15  Panel 1: Jewish Survivors in Eastern Europe
Chair: Piotr Wróbel (University of Toronto) Joanna Beata Michlic (University College London): “Rebuilding Shattered
Lives: Some Vignettes of Jewish Children’s Lives in Early Postwar Poland”
Natalia Aleksiun (Touro College): “Jewish Survivor Networks in Eastern Galicia after the Holocaust”

11:45-1:15   Panel 2: Rebuilding Jewish Life in Europe
Anna Shternshis (University of Toronto) Anna Holian (Arizona State University): “Reconstructing Livelihoods after Genocide: Jewish Businesses in Postwar Germany”
Andrea Sinn (Elon University): “Rebuilding Jewish Life in Germany after 1945”
Zohar Segev (University of Haifa): “Diaspora Nationalism, Globalization and Cultural Revival: American Jewry and the Challenge of Jewish Diaspora in the Shadow of the Holocaust”

2:15-3:30   Panel 3: Leaving Europe
Maris Rowe-McCulloch (University of Toronto) Anna Cichopek-Gajraj (Arizona State University): “Marek and Samuel in Buenos Aires: Postwar Displacement of Polish Catholics and Jews in Latin America”
David Slucki (College of Charleston): “Journeys with Ghosts: Migration, Memoir, and Generations after the Holocaust”

4:00-5:30   Keynote Lecture in Jackman Humanities Building, Room 100, 170 St. George Street
Bernard Wasserstein (University of Chicago): “The Gods That Failed: The Struggle for Ideological Hegemony in the Jewish World after 1945”


Tuesday, October 16, 2018
   Panel 1: Israel and the Postwar Jewish World
Doris Bergen (University of Toronto)
Shay Hazkani (University of Maryland): “‘Pan-Judaism,’ Militarism, and the 1948 Arab-Israeli War”
Ori Yehudai (University of Toronto): “Leaving Zion: Postwar Jewish Emigration from Palestine/Israel”

10:45-12:00   Panel 2: The Struggle for Memory and Recognition
Chair: Konstantin Fuks (University of Toronto)
Avinoam Patt (Hartford University): “The Jewish Heroes of Warsaw: The Afterlife of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising”
Shayna Zamkanei (Princeton University): “Becoming Survivors:
Sephardic/Mizrahi Responses to the Holocaust”

1:00-2:30   Concluding Keynote Lecture
Ruth Gavison (Hebrew University): “Israel and the Legacy of the Second World War”

This conference is presented with the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures; the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies; the Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (Munk School of Global Affairs); the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations; the Konstanty Reynert Chair of Polish History; the Department of History

Location Updated: Centre for Ethics, Larkin Building, Room 200, 15 Devonshire Place

This event is free and open to the public. No registration required. Limited seating.

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