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The Experience of History

Publication Type: Book
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Book Name: The Experience of History
Publication Date: 2016

The Experience of History is a lively and passionate introduction to the field that encourages students to seek and appreciate history inside the classroom and beyond.

  • Defines history as a discipline and the role of historians within it
  • Addresses the analytical and critical thinking skills needed to engage with the past
  • A variety of important topics in the study of history are discussed, such as historical evidence, primary documents, divisions of history, forms of historical writing, historiographical traditions, and recent categories of historical research

Written by a renowned scholar of European history, this work helps students to become discerning examiners of history and historical evidence in a variety of modern settings like art, architecture, film, television, politics, current events, and more.

The cover image of The Experience of History