The entrance to the Department of History’s office in Sidney Smith Hall

Events: November, 2017

  • 27Nov2017
    Movilización mujeres contra la guerra 2002 copia

    Nevertheless, She Persisted: Women Human Rights Defenders in Latin America

    Presentations by leading women human rights advocates from Latin America, discussing gender perspective on attacks against social activists, journalis...

    Location: Room SS 2098, Natalie Zemon Davis, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 3G3

  • 30Nov2017
    James F. Byrnes, Harry S. Truman, and Henry A. Wallace attend the funeral of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Paying Lip Service to Peace: Public Dissent and Foreign Policymaking in the Early Cold War

    Speaker: Katie Davis Ph.D. Candidate (Department Of History, University Of Toronto)

    In 1946, Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace wrote with concern to President Harry Truman over the direction of postwar US foreign policy. With the co...

    Location: Room 208N North, Munk School of Global Affairs, 1 Devonshire Place, Toronto, ON M5S 3K7

  • 30Nov2017
    Piero della Francesca, “Finding the True Cross” from the cycle “The Legend of the True Cross” (1452–1456). Basilica of San Francesco, Arezzo

    The Cross, the Medici, and the Jews

    Speaker: Prof. Gianni Cicali

    The Medici family had a particular devo¬tion to the Holy Cross of Jesus. One mem¬ber of the family even wrote a long sacred play based on the legend...

    Location: Room 406, Carr Hall, 100 St Joseph St, Toronto, ON M5S 2C4