Shane Lynn

Phd Program


Fields of Study

Major and Minor Fields


  • Ireland and Britain, 1780-1980

Minor 1

Empire and the British World, 1760-1960

Minor 2

Canada Since the Conquest

Working Dissertation


Greater Ireland and the South African War


David A. Wilson


My research focuses on the relationship between the Irish diaspora and empire during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I am particularly interested in the social tensions arising from the presence of Irish nationalist popular movements in British colonies. I have published scholarly articles on this subject in Irish Historical Studies, √Čire-Ireland, and the Australasian Journal of Irish Studies. My dissertation uses transnational and comparative frameworks to examine the response of Irish communities in North America and Australasia to the South African War.

I argue that milieu and external stimuli are important determinants of the intensity of nationalism and imperialism. I also examine attempts by revolutionary organizations and secret police to manipulate these sentiments at the turn of the twentieth century.


"Friends of Ireland: Early O'Connellism in Lower Canada", Irish Historical Studies, 40:157 (May, 2016), pp. 43-65
"Before the Fenians: 1848 and the Irish plot to invade Canada", √Čire-Ireland, 51: 1&2 (Spring/Summer 2016), pp. 61-91
"Osmond Esmonde's dominion odyssey: Irish nationalism in the British Empire, 1920-21", Australasian Journal of Irish Studies, 14 (Dec., 2014), pp. 69-90


MA History, University of Toronto
BA (Mod.) (Gold Medal) History, Trinity College Dublin