Marilyn Campeau

PhD Program


Fields of Study


Marilyn is currently a PhD Candidate in modern European and Russian history at the History Department and the Anne Tanenbaum Center for Jewish Studies. Marilyn's dissertation investigates the visual experience of Soviet combatants on the Soviet-German Front during the Great Patriotic War through an examination of frontline soldiers’ drawings, as well as war photographs and caricatures. She works under the supervisions of Professors Lynne Viola, Doris Bergen, and Anna Shternshis. She specializes in Late Imperial and Contemporary Russia, Twentieth Century Europe and Jewish Studies. Her research interests sit at the intersection of the history of everyday life, war and violence, propaganda as a mean of indoctrination, gender history, and visual culture. Marilyn speaks French, English, Russian, German, and Spanish.

Cross Appointments: Anne Tanenbaum Center for Jewish Studies


“Ivan vs Staline: Le stalinisme dans la vie quotidienne du soldat soviétique moyen, 1941–1945.” (Cahiers d’histoire, Vol 34, No 2, 2017: 99–121);
“Culture et idéologie soviétique à travers les écrits personnels des soldats de Staline.” (History in the Making Review, Vol 2, No 1, 2013: 1–14);
“Idéologie et vie quotidienne de soldats soviétiques durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale: une analyse de correspondances militaires.” Master’s thesis available online at (UQAM, September 2013);
“Ivan le‘survivant’: le quotidien du soldat soviétique durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.” Article available online at (UQAM, 2013);
“Les conditions de détention des prisonniers de guerre canadiens-français durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.” (Revue d’histoire du Québec, Cap-aux-Diamants, No 112, 2013: 32–35).
“Vivre derrière les barreaux: une analyse de récits personnels de prisonniers de guerre canadiens-français durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.” (Journal des membres, Légion Royale Canadienne, Filiale 35, Vol 7, No 2, June 2013: 6–7)


MA, History, University of Quebec in Montreal (2012)
BA, Linguistics and History, University of Quebec in Montreal (2009)