Abdullah Farooqi

PhD Program (Collaborative Program in Jewish Studies)

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

More generally, I am interested in Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations in the late medieval and early modern Mediterranean (especially the western Mediterranean); crypto-religious groups; and eschatology, millenarianism, and prophecy.

Major and Minor Fields


  • Early Modern Mediterranean, 1400-1700

Minor 1

Late Medieval Europe, 1000-1400

Minor 2

Islamic History, 1000-1500

Working Dissertation


“So Give Glad Tidings to the Strangers”: Jews, Muslims, and Eschatological Identities in the Early Modern Mediterranean


Mark D. Meyerson


My research focuses on the (re)construction of Jewish, Muslim, and crypt-religious identity in the wake of the Christian conquest of Granada in 1492, the expulsions of Jews from Iberia between 1492 and 1498, and the forced conversions of Spanish Muslims to Christianity in the decades that followed. Specifically, it explores how these religious groups (re)conceived their identities in eschatological terms, against the background of heightened millenarian expectations in the late 15th and early 16th century Mediterranean, and at the possible instigation of their co- religionists abroad in North Africa and Egypt.



MA, Jewish Studies, McGill University, 2011
BA, Jewish Studies and Middle Eastern Studies, McGill University, 2009