Current Graduate Courses

2020-2021 Graduate Courses - updated January 11, 2021

Enrolment for History graduate students will open on August 4, 2020, and enrolment for non-History* students will open on August 17, 2020.

* Non-History student wanting to take a History course is require to complete a SGS Add/Drop Course(s) form. Please obtain approval and signature from your home department and e-mail the signed form to the Department of History to enrol in the course. Confirmation of course enrolment will be e-mailed to you once approved.

Course List Legend

  • F = a half-year course in the first term (September – December)
  • S =a half-year course in the second term (January– April)
  • Y =a full-year course (September – April)
  • (J) indicates a joint Graduate / Undergraduate course
  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday

Course List

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Equivalent Courses

Our MA and PhD students may take courses from the departments listed below for graduate history credit with the permission of the associate chair, graduate.

If you are interested:

  1. View the list of participating departments below for current course offerings.
  2. Contact the associate chair, graduate for permission to take your desired course(s).

Graduate courses and seminar begin on September 8, 2020

Cross-listed graduate/undergraduate courses begin on September 10, 2020

Winter session courses begin on January 11, 2021 (Updated)

Course Code UG Course Code  Course Title Day/Time Room Instructor Delivery Model
HIS1009HF   Topics in Canadian History T 10-12 - Mills and Bertram Online synchronous
HIS1114HF   Indigenous Histories in North America (NEW) F 10-12   Bohaker Online synchronous
HIS1205HF   The Communist Experience in Central and Eastern Europe F 10-12 - Topouzova Online synchronous
HIS1215HF   Social Change in Medieval England W 11-13 - Gervers Online synchronous
HIS1233HF   Colonial Urbanism in the Mediterranean World, 1800-1950 R 9-11 - Hanssen Online synchronous
HIS1237HF   France: 1870-1968 F 14-16 - Jennings Online synchronous
HIS1301HF   History of Food and Drink W 13-15 - Pilcher Online synchronous
HIS1531HF   American Political History since 1877 M 16-18 - Kazal Online synchronous
HIS1269HF (J) HIS423H1F Social History of Medicine in the 19th and 20th century R 16-18 OA 102 Shorter In Person/Online synchronous
HIS1270HF (J) HIS489H1F History of Psychiatry F 10-12 OA 102 Shorter In Person/Online sychronous
HIS1662HF   Rethinking Modernity through Japan T 10-12 - Fujitani Online synchronous

Critical Historiography of Late Imperial and Modern China

W 9-11 - Chen Online synchronous

Imperial Circulation and Diasporic Flows in the British Empire

T 12-14 - Sharma Online synchronous
HIS1213HF (J) HIS428H1F Medieval Institutes of Perfection T 14-16 MS 254 Cochelin In Person/Online synchronous
HIS1279HF (J) HIS451H1F World War II in East Central Europe R 9-11 - Wrobel Online synchronous
HIS1416HF (J) HIS422H1F Early Modern English Popular Culture R 11-13 - Mori Online synchronous
HIS1705HF (J) HIS496H1F Trends in Women and Gender History in the Global South T 16-18 - Musisi Online synchronous
HIS1997HF   The Practice of History - MA students only M 12-16 SS 2117 Wang In Person/Online synchronous


Course Code UG Course Code  Course Title Day/Time Room Instructor Delivery Method
HIS1004HS   History and Biopolitics (UPDATED) M 12-14   Nelson Online synchronous
HIS1031HS   Images as History F 13-15   Coleman Online synchronous
HIS1221HS   Topics in Early Modern European Social History T 12-14   Terpstra Online synchronous
HIS1435HS   Studies in Victorian Society (UPDATED) T 16-18   Loeb Online synchronous
HIS1704HS   Latin American and Carribbean History W 11-13    Walker Online synchronous
HIS1707HS   Topics in African History W 13-15   Rockel Online synchronous
HIS1784HS   The Islamic Revolution W 18-20   Tavakoli-Targhi  Online synchronous
HIS1820HS   Law, Space, and History T 11-13   Raman Online synchronous
HIS1825HS   Changing Skylines: (Re)mapping Urban History in the Global Age  T 14-16   Lam Online synchronous
HIS1118HS   Canada by Treaty (UPDATED) F 10-12 (UPDATED)   Bohaker Online synchronous
HIS1223HS (J) HIS496H1S Humanism and the Renasissance M 15-17   Bartlett Online synchronous
HIS1203HS (J) SMC406H1S Jus Commune  R 15-17   Silano Online synchronous
HIS1272HS (J) HIS496H1S Topics in Twentieth-Century European History M 10-12   Jenkins Online synchronous
HIS1555HS (J) HIS446H1S Gender and Slavery in the Atlantic World

R 10-12 

  Newton Online synchronous
HIS1802HS (J) HIS404H1S Slavery in North America R 13-15   Mishler Online synchronous


Course Code Course Title Day/Time Room Instructor Delivery Model
HPS4106HF Environment, Technology, and History R 13-16   Woods  
MST3123HF Introduction to Medieval Medicine R 10-12   Everett  


Participating Departments