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Christopher Martinello
91 Aitken Circle
Unionville, Ontario
L3R 7L5

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Kennaway was a settlement village near the modern town of Harcourt, Harcourt Township, Haliburton County, Ontario. It began around 1860 and was abandoned around the 1930's. Primarily a farming settlement, Kennaway also supported a schoolhouse, a few mills, a livery stable, a post office and a hotel.

Kennaway created its farms out of the piney soil of the Canadian Shield. Surrounded by forest and lakes, the village was relatively isolated in the area, approximately 10 km away from Wilberforce, a larger town to the southeast.

The primary focus of my research (and this website) is on the remaining structures and their interpretation as examples of past material culture. Several methods for the analysis of built form come to us from scholars such as Henry Glassie, Ian Hodder and Jules Prown (see bibliography). From these I have defined a specific research model which will be applied to the Kennaway village.

With this study, I will demonstrate that the forms, functions and styles of stuctures in a community significantly reflect the lifestyles and daily tasks of the community members. I will show that the physical community can demonstrate characteristics of its human community through the ways in which it was constructed and used.

While some of the structures have been totally destroyed with little trace of their having existed, others remain but are almost claimed by the forest. Still others, such as the original schoolhouse, are maintained in excellent shape due to modified and continued use in the present. In studying the historic archaeology of the village, an analysis of built form is important.


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